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19 December 2014
A clear, molecular view of the evolution of human colour vision
Many genetic mutations in visual pigments, spread over millions of years, were required for humans to evolve from a primitive mammal with a dim, shadowy view of the world into a greater ape able to see all the colours in a rainbow.

18 December 2014
New class of synthetic molecules mimics antibodies
A Yale University laboratory has made the first synthetic molecules that have both the targeting and response functions of antibodies.

17 December 2014
Antibiotic resistance is a gut reaction
Scientists from the Institute of Food Research and the University of East Anglia have discovered how certain gut bacteria can protect themselves and others in the gut from antibiotics.

16 December 2014
Scientists gain first glimpse of one of nature’s measuring ‘rulers’
An international team of scientists have used advanced edge X-ray and ultraviolet light studies to reveal the workings of the molecular ruler that helps bacteria to survive and outsmart the human immune system.

15 December 2014
New theory suggests alternate path led to rise of the eukaryotic cell
A bold new idea of how the eukaryotic cell and, by extension, all complex life came to be is giving scientists an opportunity to re-examine some of biology’s key dogma.

12 December 2014
Decoding fat cells: discovery may explain why we gain weight
University of Rochester researchers have discovered that a protein, Thy1, has a fundamental role in controlling whether a primitive cell decides to become a fat cell, making Thy1 a possible therapeutic target.

11 December 2014
Scientists find key to vitamin A metabolism
Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have uncovered the mechanism that enables the enzyme Lecithin: retinol acyltransferase (LRAT) to store vitamin A – a process that is indispensable for vision.

10 December 2014
Yeast are first cells known to cure themselves of prions
Yeast cells can sometimes reverse the protein misfolding and clumping associated with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, according to new research from the University of Arizona.

9 December 2014
Researchers visualize the DNA double-strand break process for the first time
Researchers have frozen some 200 biological structures to illustrate the chemical process that leads to DNA double-strand breaks, which lasts a matter of microseconds.

8 December 2014
How penicillin deals bacteria a devastating blow
Penicillin, the wonder drug discovered in 1928, works in ways that are still mysterious almost a century later.

5 December 2014
Technology breakthrough reveals cellular transcription process
A new technology that reveals cellular gene transcription in greater detail has been developed by Dr Daniel Kaufmann of the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM) and the research team he directed.

4 December 2014
How red wine prevents cancer
Alcohol use is a major risk factor for head and neck cancer. But recent reserach shows that the chemical resveratrol found in grape skins and in red wine may prevent cancer as well.

3 December 2014
The ryanodine receptor: calcium channel in muscle cells
Scientists have decoded the three-dimensional structure of the calcium channel with unprecedented accuracy.

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