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26 September 2008

American Society for Neurochemistry (ASN) chooses Portland Press Limited to publish its new journal ASN NEURO.

ASN NEURO will be launched in 2009 as an Open Access journal to further the Society's mission to advance, promote, support, encourage and facilitate communication among investigators in the cellular and molecular neuroscience community.

ASN have appointed a distinguished member of the international neuroscience community as the first Editor-in-Chief: Professor Anthony T. Campagnoni, who holds the Coates Chair in Neuroscience, Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behaviour, UCLA, has agreed to provide the editorial leadership for this exciting new addition to scholarly publishing.
ASN NEURO will develop a range of specific knowledge environments to represent the broader scope and aims of the ASN, namely: Cell, Molecular and Developmental Neurobiology; Cell Signalling and Neurophysiology: Nervous System Metabolism; Architecture of the Nervous System; Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection; Biology of Glia; Brain Injury and Repair; Inflammation and Immune Response in the Nervous System.

"We look forward to developing a successful publishing partnership with the ASN and Professor Campagnoni, and are delighted that ASN have selected Portland Press to help them to realise their vision for ASN NEURO” said Rhonda Oliver, Managing Director of Portland Press Limited.

"The ASN Officers and Council are excited by the innovative online open access formats that Portland Press is developing for ASN NEURO. We are confident that with Professor Campagnoni's leadership, ASN NEURO will become a strong new voice, representing the traditional themes of our Society while offering novel possibilities for rapid, open access publication of complex data in multiple, media formats" said Monica Carson, President of ASN.

“I am delighted to be asked by the ASN to serve as the first Editor-in-Chief of ASN NEURO. This new online journal will present many advantages to authors: very rapid publication, free colour figures, personal copyright of papers, and fewer constraints than print journals in the way information is presented. I look forward to the challenges of launching this new journal devoted to publishing high-quality manuscripts reporting important advances in all areas of Neuroscience” said Professor Anthony Campagnoni

All inquiries concerning the future launch of ASN NEURO should be directed to editorial@portlandpress.com or sign up for further information at www.asnneuro.org .

Additional information
Founded in 1969, the ASN is a thriving membership-based learned society. Please visit www.asneurochem.org for more information on ASN.
Professor Campagnoni is an internationally known expert in the molecular biology of myelination. He has been a member of the ASN for over 35 years, attending almost all of its meetings during that period. His primary research interests have been in the molecular and developmental regulation of oligodendrocyte function and myelination. Most recently he has been actively studying alternative functions of the myelin protein genes, particularly those of a second family of proteins expressed by the myelin basic protein gene in neurons, glia and cells of the immune system. The goal of his laboratory is to understand the function of these MBP gene products in the immune and nervous system.
Portland Press Limited is the not-for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of the Biochemical Society. It publishes a number of highly regarded journals in the cellular and molecular life sciences and was the winner of the 2007 ALPSP Charlesworth Award for best online journal in 2007.For further details on Portland Press Limited, please visit www.portlandpress.com.

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